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Our Story...

Petkin Inc. is an innovative California based consumer products company founded in 1989 on the key principle of making better products that are easier to use. Every product Petkin develops must pass two very simple yet important tests before ever being sold: one, is the quality of the product the best it can possibly be and two, is the product easy to use. Currently, Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind. Here is where we began:


It all started with our concept to create wipes for pets. We came up with the idea to combine the words "pet" and "napkin" and hence Petkin was born. Now that we had the name time to source and create the products...


We expanded the line of Petkin products and freshened our look starting with offering the original brand of pet wipes in larger, easy-to-use containers.


One of our proudest moments came with the introduction of our new line of 100% organically grown bamboo products. These eco-friendly and sustainably harvested products are good for your pets and good for the planet!


We've continued to expand our line of easy to use products over the years and now offer a broad range of products from shampoos and fragrances, dental care products, waste clean up products & more!


We continued to add to our natural bamboo line offering eco-friendly brushes, shampoo, wastebags and more! We also launched a full line of Big n’ Thick Petwipes in a variety of scents and benefits.


To keep pets even more clean we launched a line of Germ Removal shampoo and petwipes, in a convenient travel size and all the way up to 200 count value packs.

2021 Plus

We have lots of things in the works, so check back often to see how our commitment to high quality, easy to use, healthier products continues to expand and grow!!!


Our first product, individually wrapped single-use pet wipes are introduced. Further emphasizing convenience and ease of use, these instant bath wipes became a big hit with pet lovers.


Just like our passion to keep pets clean and fresh, it was time to clean-up our look! We introduced our modernized cat & dog along with an updated package design and new Petkin logo.


We are dedicated to providing the best product for you & your pet's needs and have designed these easy to recognize symbols to communicate our commitment to quality!


We expanded even further by developing full lines with multiple products. One of the first was Milkbath available in wipes, sprays and shampoos!


New look and some great new products. We cleaned up the packaging to focus on the benefits, to do this we designed these fun easy to read icons and also added a line of value sized shampoos.


Branching out, we developed a completely new line called Petkin Hemp! 100% THC Free CBD shampoos, sprays and wipes that soothes, calms, cleans and conditions!

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